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Frozen Rose'

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Frozen Rose'

This frose recipe tastes just like rosé wine! What’s the secret? It’s all natural, featuring wine and strawberries. Here’s how to make frozen rosé.

What is frose (frozen rose)?

Are you ready for our frose recipe? If you haven’t tried it, frose is frozen rosé wine. Basically, it’s a mashup between a frozen cocktail and that quintessential summer wine. Most frosé recipes are sickly sweet, and freezing can remove the character of the wine. So Alex and I set about to create a frose recipe that was not too sweet AND tastes like rosé wine. We think we were successful, and so do our friends who very willingly volunteered as our taste testers! Wondering how to make frozen rose? Keep reading!

All-natural frose ingredients

This naturally sweetened cocktail recipe uses just three simple ingredients:

  • rosé wine
  • strawberries
  • honey

Frose is very simple to make: the hardest part is thinking ahead. If you can, whip up the frose recipe the night before, then blend and serve the day of. Despite the name, it’s not just rose that’s frozen: simply freezing rose makes it bitter and flat-tasting. A froze recipe includes sugar to offset the bitterness (usually made as a simple syrup), and strawberries to add some color and additional flavor.

How to store it!

Because this all-natural frose is frozen, you can keep the blended rose and strawberry mixture in your freezer for a few days before serving it. As long as you keep it in a sealed container, your frose should keep well in the freezer! Try not to keep it frozen for too long though, since the fresh strawberries and the rose wine lose some of their flavor once frozen.


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