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Watermelon Mule

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Watermelon Mule 

Why have a Moscow mule or Kentucky mule when you can have a…watermelon mule? This unique spin on the classic cocktail is light and refreshing.

How to make a watermelon mule

This watermelon mule has a subtle watermelon flavor, and is a light and refreshing version of a Moscow mule. The concept behind this version of the classic drink is using equal parts ginger beer and watermelon juice, instead of straight ginger beer. This brings in the essence of watermelon and lightens the flavor just a bit. Then, it’s got the traditional ingredients: vodka and lime juice.

Because a mule is all about the carbonation in the ginger beer, this drink is not mixed in a cocktail shaker. To preserve the carbonation, it’s simply mixed right in the mug and served over ice.

To make a watermelon mule, you’ll need to start with making watermelon juice: which is very easy using watermelon and a blender! No juicer is required. How to make watermelon juice?

  • Simply cut the watermelon into cubes, then blend it up.
  • When it’s liquid, pass it through a fine mesh strainer to strain out the particulate. Then voila: you’ve got watermelon juice!
  • Note that you’ll get about half the quantity of watermelon juice to cubed watermelon: for example, 2 cups cubed watermelon equals about 1 cup watermelon juice.

In this recipe, we’ve called for the quantities for one drink, because it’s mixed right in the cup. One drink requires only 1/3 cup watermelon juice, but that’s such a small quantity that you’ll want to make more: since you’re probably serving more than one drink at a time! So, scale up the amount of watermelon juice to fit the number of drinks you need.


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